About Us


Khadasia Alkaul is on a mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an innovative and trendy way. After becoming a Sold-Out Disciple of Jesus Christ in 2015 at age 20, she was inspired to launch a Christian-themed clothing line. She founded In Touch Apparel in 2018, a brand centered on inspiring this generation through a lifestyle of faith, fashion, and fun.

“Clothes are the first impression people have of you, so we need to bring awareness and swag to the Gospel”

Born and raised in Connecticut, she moved to Los Angeles at age 15 and credits being inspired by NY and LA street fashion at an early age. Khadasia studied fashion design and merchandise at Santa Monica College in Los Angeles and is currently studying marketing at Howard University in Washington, DC.

Khadasia hopes to impact an audience who are willing to become ambassadors for Christ by providing stylish apparel that incorporates Christ’s message.

“I want my audience to feel like they know me and that they can have fun with me, I want to take them on this journey with me” - Khadasia



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